In the forefront

Sandberg´s Machining has always been in the forefront when it comes to equipment. Every year we reinvest about 10% in new machines and equipment. We follow the latest development in the market to be able to always keep our machines up to date. This is essential in order to provide critical, high precision machining services to our customers.

List of our machines

Machine Manufacturer Technical data
Milling Machine CME MQ 6000 6000x3000x1000
Milling Machine Correa CF22/25 ATC 2500x800x800
Milling Machine Correa CF22/25 2500x800x800
Milling Machine MTE BF 4200 4000x1200x1500
Milling Machine MTE BF 2700 2700x1000x1200
Multioperation Enshu JE80 800x800x800
Carousel Lathing machine You-Ji VTL 1600 Ø2000x1200
Lathing Machine Takang FA 55 N Ø1090x6150
Lathing Machine Ikegai TU 26 Ø500x1000
Vertical lathing machine
Vertical Lathing Machine
Doosan 850
Doosan 1110
Lathing Machine Poreba 93 Ø900x3000
Lathing Machine Gemini G5 - GT Ø1000x3000
Multioperation Biglia Smart Tune 1200 S 500x1260
Multioperation Axile G8 Ø900x500
Lathing Machine Harrison 450 Digital Ø400x1500
Circular grinder Titan RU 350 Ø350x2000
Grinder for holes UVA Ø400x500
Surface grinder Perfech 1500x600x400
Tool grinder Jugner 450 Digital Ø200x500
Gear / spline cutter Waldrich Digital Ø900x600
Cutting saw Kasto 5 BA 2 Ø270
Cutting saw Bianco Ø450x8500
Cutting saw Amada Ø1000
Threading machine SL-Pneumat M4-M24
Measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta Apex 2000x1200x1000
Hydraulic pressing machine Stenhöj 40-100 ton
Washing machine Malmqvist 1200x1200x1000