”Products and processes can always be improved,
we know how to do it”


For us quality is to identify customer needs in to practice. We are certified according to ISO 9001, but our ISO system in itself cannot create quality – which is something are staff  contributes with every day. We are certified a supplier for numerous customers ranging from industries such as medical technology, oil and gas to heavy vehicles.

Quality Policy

Sandbergs Machining is a leading supplier of components, systems, prototypes and spareparts for the Swedish industry with focus on mid-size and large components with complex geometries.

Sandberg´s Machining quality policy is to market and produce products and services with a quality level that meets and or exceeds our customers expectations. This means:

  • That we have high expectations on ourselves and our suppliers when it comes to quality
  • Our ambition is to deliver products and services with zero defects both to our internal customers as well as our external customers
  • Customers should feel confident in their contacts with Sandberg & Söner

This is the basis for new business.  Through a well developed quality system and continuous improvement work quality at the lowest cost is ensured.

Our quality level is also the foundation for profitability and competitiveness both for us and our customers.